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Make a lasting impression on new connections.

A Smardly allows you to easily share all your details to your contacts phone with just a tap or scan of your Smardly device.

All Smardly devices come with lifetime access to your personal account where you can change your profile as often as you like.

Your business cards will never end up in the trash again.

Impress with a tap

and be in control of your contact details.

Easily share all your contact details with one tap

How does it work?

It's almost too simple to explain

Tap the phone of your contact or let them scan your QR code and a popup will appear on the phone.

Tap your card
Click the Smardly
Click it
Click on the popup and your profile will open on your contacts phone.
Your contact can save all of your details directly to their phone, you'll never be forgotten again!

Isn’t it a pain when you need to spell out your social handles?
Not anymore! With Smardly all the links to your social handles are listed on the screen!
Share your contact details with Smardly

88% of business cards handed out get thrown away in less than a week

Smardly makes sure your contact details are stored directly where it matters!

No app required

There is no need to install an app. This makes sharing your contact information through Smardly really fast!

Unlimited taps

We don't believe in limiting your enthusiasm. You can tap, scan and share as much as you like.

Stay up to date

Your new contact can stay up to date through magic-links.
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All modern smartphones

More than 80% of all smartphones support NFC, this means you can use Smardly just with a tap. Smartphones without NFC can scan the QR code that is printed on every Smardly.

I always forgot my business cards when I get out and I'm sure that has cost me business before.
I own a Smardly keychain now that I keep attached to my carkeys. Now I can always share my details right on the phone of a potential client!

Marc van Benthum
Diamond Partner, Lightspeed HQ

As soon as I touch a potential customer's smartphone with my Smardly, I immediately see that I'm making an impression. I like to work with innovative solutions and that's what this product offers me.


Thibault van der Laan
CCO, Diversity Agency

Smardly for teams

Our backoffice is designed with your business in mind. Whether you have a small business or a company with 5000 employees, your ease of use is paramount!

You can manage and switch profiles between Smardly devices with ease. We'd love to give you a demo! Contact Smardly Sales to schedule an online meeting.

ExoSearch Mike Smith CEO

Personalized by default

You decide what name, title and/or company name you want printed on your Smardly.

We understand the efforts you put into your branding. So if you want you can have your own design as well.

Pay once, own it forever

Get your Smardly today!

Every Smardly comes with:

  • Unlimited taps and scans.
  • Lifetime access to your personal Smardly account to manage your profile.
  • Works on all smartphones with NFC or QR.
  • Magic links to assist your contacts when your details change.

Choose your Smardly

There is a Smardly for everyone

Limited offer

Smartcard Silver

Credit card format. You can personalize this smardly with up to 3 lines of text (included).

$ 29,95
$ 19,95
Limited offer

Keychain (Lifetime)

One Keychain. Dimensions: 45 / 29 mm (1,77 / 1.14 inch)

$ 29,95
$ 19,95
Limited offer

Card & keychain value pack

1x Smartcard Silver, 1x Smardly keychain

$ 59,90
$ 29,95
Limited offer

Custom design

You design your own Smardly. After ordering, we will contact you to implement your own design together with you.

$ 69,95
$ 39,95

Get your Smardly now!

Pay once, own it forever

$ 19,95 + $ 4,19 VAT
1 x Smartcard Silver
$ 19,95
Free worldwide shipping
$ 0,00
VAT 21 %
$ 4,19
$ 24,14

Your order

Credit card format. You can personalize this smardly with up to 3 lines of text (included).

I go to networking meetings all the time. Since I have my Smardly I notice that I share my details way more than before. Even in this crazy COVID-19 times.

Martijn Stevens
Martijn Stevens Legal Consultancy

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Impress with a tap

and be in control of your contact details.

Get your Smardly now!

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